Located between the Parish Church and the river Aire, Langtons was one of the first riverside redevelopments in Leeds City centre. This website was set up in July 2010 to make it easier for residents, and others with an interest in the property, to communicate. If you want to post a message, please click on Contact Us and fill in the form.

Meet the Neighbours at the Oracle Bar

The residents of Brewery Wharf have organised a Meet The Neighbours event on Monday 5th December 2011 from 6pm at the Oracle Bar. You get a drink on arrival, special offers on meals and burgers and the chance to meet people who live nearby.
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Replacements for bathroom fans

The fan in our bathroom is taking a long time to get up to speed and will probably need replacing soon. I guess it is getting on for 20 years old so maybe this is not surprising. I asked if anyone had any advice on replacements and Joseph from the centre block said he wasn’t able to source a replacement for the original fan as Greenwoods discontinued the model years ago.  His builder replaced it with a smaller standard model.

If anyone else has fan replacement advice, please use the ‘Contact us’ button to share it! Lizzi

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Waterfront Association meeting

The Leeds Waterfront Association is meeting at Jurys Inn, across the river from Langtons, on Wednesday 17 August, 5:30 – 7:00pm. If you wish to attend please contact Rachel Clunas, Aire Action Leeds Project Officer, 0n 07917 780 151  or rachel.clunas@aireactionleeds.org.uk.

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‘Quarry Hill Creates’ Festival on 2nd July 2011

From Jodie Morrison at The Wardrobe (jodie@thewardrobe.co.uk):

‘Quarry Hill Creates’  is a partnership of more than 14 creative organisations sited on or around Quarry Hill in Leeds city centre who have come together to reclaim the area as one of the most exciting and creative in the city. They are working to raise the profile of this intriguing arts quarter, to share resources and expertise, and to work collaboratively on new projects.

This initiative will be kicked off with a fantastic festival during which the road will be closed off to make space for stalls, busking sites, food and drink vendors and attractions, and many organizations (including ourselves) will be offering a series of FREE workshops and performances to give you a taste of what’s on offer. We’d love to see local residents at the event. Free entry from 10 am to 6 pm.

For information on the workshops (including music, dance, acting, writing, costume design and stage make-up) and tours of BBC Yorkshire and the West Yorkshire Playhouse see http://www.wyp.org.uk/events/event_details.asp?event_ID=5630.

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Bicycle security

The neighbourhood police can provide security labels for bicycles. They don’t stop your bike being stolen but they are difficult to remove which gives the police a chance of identifying the bike. To request one, please use ‘contact us’.

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Dragon Boat Race

The annual Dragon Boat race will take place on our doorstep on the 25th and 26th June. Teams of 17 – 16 with oars and a cox with a drum – compete in a series of heats and those with the best times go on to the finals. It’s great to watch the teams improve their times (and there is always a chance that a boat will capsize). Along the river there will be music and street entertainment.

If your company or club want to take part and raise money for charity, the entry fee is £500 per boat and the person to contact for an entry form is Amanda on 0113 242 2426 or Amanda@leedscommunityfoundation.org.uk.

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Stolen flashing

Langtons residents: You might have seen the PBS guys repairing the flashing on the middle block next to the gate. The original lead flashing was stolen last week. Unfortunately the CCTV cameras don’t cover this part of the site so the police are unable to take any action. Did anyone see the people responsible? The replacement flashing is made from aluminium that should be less likely to be stolen as long as the thieves can tell the difference.

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Waterfront meeting

The next Waterfront Association is 17:30 on 16th March at the Leeds Design Innovation Centre, 46 The Calls. Don Mason from Dyrhoff will be talking about inflatable weirs that could play a part in a flood alleviation scheme and Sue O’Neill from the Environment Agency will give an update on the proposed scheme for Leeds.

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Local meetings

If you are interested in the green infrastructure of our waterway, Aire Action Leeds is holding its AGM at British Waterways, Fearns Wharf on Tuesday 25th January 2011 from 14:30 to 17:00. Please contact Rachel Clunas on 0113 281 6804 or rachel.clunas@aireactionleeds.org.uk by Friday 14 January if you want to attend.

If you want to meet our Local Neighbourhood Police Team, they will be in the cafe of the Parish Church opposite Langtons on  Wednesday 5 January 2011 at 7:00pm.

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Underfloor heating

A new resident has asked about the underfloor heating. This is a reply from one of the Directors.

The water heating is quite separate from the underfloor heating in that it has nothing to do with the heating of the apartment and is only there to provide you with an adequate supply of hot water for showers etc. Normally the water is heated by the Economy 7 electricity supply which is available from about midnight to about 8am. The Economy 7 electricity powers the bottom of the two electric heating elements on your hot water tank. The upper heating element comes on for a short period when you press the ‘boost’ button which is on the wall in the hot water tank cupboard or next to the fuse box. The booster allows you to top up if you use more than normal amounts of hot water.

The underfloor heating is a form of storage heater charged up at night by Economy 7. It is switched on in each room by the wall mounted switches marked ‘floor heating’. In the single level apartments, the hall switch should also switch on the floor heater in the bathroom. If you have a duplex the layout may be different. The floor heating has two controls, the first is the outside temperature via a temperature sensor on the outside wall. The second controller is located next to the panel with the hot water ‘boost’ button. It’s a grey box about the size of a post card. Turning the black knob fully clockwise will maximise the amount of heat stored in the floor overnight. Back it off if you find the whole apartment too hot, switch off the floor heating in individual rooms if you don’t want them to be heated.

The apartments also have ceiling heating which is available on demand but that means it is not Economy 7 so it can be quite expensive.

Please note that the electric companies often put new owner/tenants on their most expensive rates hoping that the customer will not notice or not stay long enough to think it worthwhile sorting out the least expensive supplier, so do check that you are getting a good deal.

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