Langtons Help

Information for Langtons Residents

There are CCTV cameras at the entrance of each block and the entrance to the garage. The tapes are not monitored routinely, only when an incident occurs. The cameras are linked to the TV system so the images can be viewed from any of the flats.

Electricity meters
The electricity meters are in the cupboards in the communal areas. These are kept locked so if you need a reading, please call Action Property Management. They will usually provide one on the next working day.

Fire alarm
The fire alarms are in the stair wells and by the front doors. When the alarm is activated, extractor fans also come on in the communal areas. The alarms are tested briefly once a week. If a real alarm occurs, the assembly point is the entrance to the church yard on the opposite side of the road.

Garage zappers
If you need a new zapper, or you need to reset the code, call Action Property Management.

The flats have under-floor and ceiling heating. Water is heated using low cost electricity overnight, with the option for a manual boost of water heating during the day if necessary.

Help on controlling the floor and ceiling heating and maintaining/replacing the water heater will be posted in the ‘Maintenance’ category of the website.

The lifts at Langtons were installed in 1992 and they do break down from time to time. Please help avoid this by not wedging the doors open (just cover the sensor if you need longer to move things in and out).
If the lift does break down when you are inside, follow the instructions. Do not call the Fire Brigade as this is expensive and the Firemen will damage the lift in order to release you.
Please note that you need to keep your garage zapper with you as you won’t be able to get to your car if the lifts are broken.

Leeds City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) provide the following contact details:

  • 999 for emergencies (ongoing or violent crimes)
  • 101 (Local Police) for low level crimes or incidents.
  • 0113 2413101 (direct line to City NPT) for issues relating to our neighbourhood. Note that this is an office line it is not always manned. You can also contact the NPT through their website, by email at or on Facebook.

The two large recycling bins are for paper, cardboard, plastic items and cans. At the moment, Leeds can only recycle plastics of type 1, 2 or 4 – other types of plastic have to go in the grey bins. Tetra packs cannot be recycled either. The small green recycling bins are for glass of any colour.

Waste disposal – bulky items
If you have large items like old fridges or mattresses to dispose of, please do not leave them in the garage as they will not be picked up in the routine collection. If you have the use of a car, the nearest tip is in Stanley Road (near St James’s Hospital). If not, you can call the council on 0113 222 4406 to arrange collection.

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