About Langtons

When Langtons Wharf was built on the site of Tommy Langton’s Builders Yard, it was one of the first residential developments on the riverside in Leeds City centre (see Langtons History). It is located between the Parish Church and the river Aire on the Calls, a cobbled street with little traffic (see Finding Langtons). The three blocks that form Langtons Wharf house a total of 67 one, two and three bedroomed flats, all with an underground parking space.

The property was managed by Regent Management until 2005 when the flat owners used the ‘Right to Manage’ regulations to take over the care of their properties. This involved the formation of the Langtons Wharf RTM Company. The Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss any issues relating to the site and decide on the best way to use the service charges. The Annual General Meeting gives owners and tenants at Langtons the opportunity to query the actions of the Board and to vote on controversial issues.

The Board has contracted the day-to-day management of the property to Action Property Management.. For residents of Langtons, Action Property Management are the first point of contact for any problems related to the communal areas and equipment. They also supply electric meter readings for individual properties on request.

Since taking over the management the Board have instituted a programme of improvements to ensure that Langtons Wharf is a safe, comfortable and desirable place to live and that the property continues to increase in value and desirability. This has included planting new gardens; installing a state-of-the-art satellite system and CCTV; resolving the flooding problem in the garage; redecorating the exterior and installing new doors with fob openers; improving the reliability of the lifts and replacing the dangerous light fittings in the communal areas; providing recycling facilities and instigating a ‘sinking’ fund to allow us to cope with unexpected problems such as a catastrophic lift failure.

Langtons Wharf RTM Company welcomes new Directors who are prepared to give up some of their time to help ensure that Langtons is a great place to live and let. Flat owners who are interested in joining the Board of Directors should contact Action Property Management for more information.

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