Car Parking at Langtons Wharf

As you may be aware the parking scheme at Langtons Wharf was set up several years ago to ensure equity in access to visitors.

Action Property Management has again been approached by residents with respect to the misuse of visitor parking bays.

As from Monday 11th March car parking enforcement will be undertaken by UKCPS who will enforce penalties for those who are not authorised to park. Any vehicle not authorised to park will be subjected to a penalty of £60.00. Following recent abuse of visitor parking spaces the car park will be monitored very closely and regular visits from UKCPS will be undertaken.

 For clarity, a vehicle not authorised to park is:-

 • A vehicle that is parked outside a designated parking bay.

 • A vehicle which parks in any visitor parking bay for longer than the permitted times

 • A vehicle which parks in the disabled parking bay without displaying a valid badge.

UKCPS will continue to enforce penalties for unauthorised vehicles parked in your parking bay. As part of this process you will continue to be responsible for your individual car parking space. You will not be required to display a permit and you can allow anyone to park in your space that is visiting you.

The process for enforcement will be as follows: -

• Should an unauthorised vehicle be parked in your space then you should report this direct to UKCPS by telephoning 0870 8505469. UKCPS representatives will then visit the development, photograph the offending vehicle and issue a parking ticket. UKCPS will identify another space where you can park until the offending vehicle is removed (normally the visitor bay if available).

• Parking tickets will be issued to offending vehicles and instructions for payment will be provided on the reverse of the ticket.

• Langtons Wharf RTM Company will now deal with any appeals.

 Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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