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Exterior decorating: Stage 2 of the consultation

Our engineering consultants (White Young Green) have now obtained four estimates from reputable local contractors for the exterior redecoration of Langtons. ¬†Three companies have been shortlisted: Leeds Decorators Ltd, Greens Decorating Ltd and Ramsay Clay. The estimates range from ¬£35210 … Continue reading

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External Redecoration: Stage 1 of the consultation

Langtons is due for external redecoration this year. As this includes all the window and balcony door frames, and all the blue paintwork, the cost of the work means that there has to be consultation with the flat owners. The … Continue reading

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Replacements for bathroom fans

The fan in our bathroom is taking a long time to get up to speed and will probably need replacing soon. I guess it is getting on for 20 years old so maybe this is not surprising. I asked if … Continue reading

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Underfloor heating

A new resident has asked about the underfloor heating. This is a reply from one of the Directors. The water heating is quite separate from the underfloor heating in that it has nothing to do with the heating of the … Continue reading

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Save on your electricity bill

From the Board of Directors to flat owners with original water heaters: By having your hot water heater serviced you can save money on your electric bill and our communal water bill as well as our insurance costs. Each year … Continue reading

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